Hoist the anchors and unfurl the sails!

Ahoy, Mateys!

Avast ye, for a grand adventure awaits our young buccaneers! Set yer spyglasses on the horizon, for it be time to embark on a swashbucklin' voyage into the world of pirates and treasures. Arrr, ye be wonderin' what mischief we're brewin' in the studios, eh? Fear not, for 'tis a tale worth sharin'!

Ok enough of that :) 

But I hope that at home you are able to get at least a glimpse of Aim Academy's Odyssey magic. And yes, using the home grown term "Odyssey" is deliberate. I just can't bring myself to call it 'process drama' because, honestly, what we do is so far beyond what that term typically implies that it just doesn't do it justice!  Maybe process drama on steroids...as long as they are the steroids that created the Hulk--or Justin ;)

For new parents, and old parents who may want a reminder of some of the things that your young heroes are learning (that report cards don't capture!) I have included a few old posts that are especially pertinent to this session that will be a great resource. After charging through a solid week of Build the Tribe and Lip Dub (discussed here), we moved into this Odyssey, which could sort of be viewed as a ramped up Triforce of three of our favorite quests from the past. We have incorporated some of the best survival tactics/challenges from Year 1's Survival Quest (discussed here and here), some of the civilization building and experiencing history elements from Year 2's Freedom Quest (discussed here, here, and here), and the epic dragon-slaying-caliber process drama lessons from Year 3's Renaissance Quest (discussed here)

"Wow, Lance...you must really think highly of your writing abilities to quote yourself seven times in one email!

Well...I could have tried to concoct some new way of saying the same ol' things, but then this email would have looked so long that Jake wouldn't have finished it.


Final thought: Last week I had to tell a family that their child was not the right fit for Aim and they needed to find another place for him. They were quite devastated. Conversations like that are one of the worst parts of this job. BUT...they serve as good reminders for all of us. Aim has become something so special it is hard to describe sometimes. When people ask me about it, sometimes I don't even know how to respond--a lot of it they just wouldn't understand (though I ask that you don't use that excuse not to keep telling your amazing friends about us). 

I had a glimpse of what we would become when I started this journey, but even I didn't really know just how life-changing it would be for all of us. I recently saw one of my brothers who I hadn't seen in a while. He said, "I don't know what you have been doing over at that school of yours, but you are a different person." Aim will do that to you lol. I see it in your kids just about every day. So when we are less than two weeks in, and some of you may already be surprised your eagles are utterly spent in every way, or a month from now or a year from now when your child is on the edge of the abyss (discussed here ), well...I would say embrace it. It's a good sign that they are growing. And that's why we are all here isn't it?

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