Year 2 Session 2 (10/23/21)

Welcome to Session 2 at Aim Academy! The studio stepped into the new session at warp speed, and the guides could not wait to reveal Astronomy as the new quest. The opportunities for space exploration are endless, as is the Eagles enthusiasm for this new challenge.

Curiosity and engagement are the two words that come to mind when reflecting on the last two weeks in the studio. In core skills, we are seeing a trend toward more engagement, more silent in-flow work and more striving toward personal goals that the eagles set. During Quest, the curiosity is almost tangible. At the end of the week, we asked “how many learned something because you asked a question and were curious? And how many learned something through researching a topic?“ It was almost even. 

As one eagle does an experiment, others get curious about it. As another shares something they read in a book, others get curious about it. The curiosity and engagement feed off each other in a wonderful upward spiral to create the best learning environment ever. And with the council holding a firm boundary on excellent work standards, the output of products better showcase the learning that is actually happening! 

The Sparks have already explored the stars and constellations, Solar System, and the Moon. The marshmallow constellations and oreo phases of the moon projects have been the highlights for sure! It's amazing to see the little wheels turning in their minds with every experiment done, book read, or video watched. The rest of the studio often wants to join the Sparks in their astronomy endeavor's because of the fun and curiosity being had! 

Our new session has also been packed with Writer's Workshop, and Civilizations. The Eagles are being put to the test with thought provoking questions that result in deep conversations. More committees have been formed such as the Supplies Committee, and even a Halloween Party Committee was established by a Spark at Town Hall! The Exhibition Committee has already started to plan, so this should be one for the books! 

As guides, these moments are so exciting to witness because we see the model working. We know the incredible potential each of your children hold, and feel lucky that we get to embark on their Hero's Journey with them every day! Create the environment, trust the Eagles, and they will soar! That’s what we are seeing already in session 2!

Lance, Serena, and Britney

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