Year 1 Session 6 (4/30/21)

Hello Aim Families!

Week 2 of Session 6 down in the books.  

During Core Skills, we had a "Khan Power Hour". It is a half an hour of time where Eagles could earn double stickers for work completed in Khan Academy Math. Many students chose to do a Unit Test to see how many skills they could pass off in one hit.  

Several Eagles are also finding joy in the Quick Writes for the Writing Badge. Quick Writes are where they are encouraged to write at least a paragraph answer to any of over 300 writing prompts.

During Quest, we are again seeing lessons learned about profits vs sales and how to determine the best pricing for your product.  

We held our 2nd Auction within the mini-economy and there was quite the competition for a couple of items. We'll see if they recoup their initial cost or if it will end up being a loss in the end. Real life supply and demand lessons!

Most of the products sold this week were food items. Another area where supply and demand lessons were learned. The demand was high, the price was low and they quickly sold out.  Another Eagle saw that her supplies were running low and decided to charge more for the last cupcake because the demand was still high.

As a heads-up on the exhibition, we will be hosting a market for the Eagles to sell to other people. This is a requirement to earn the Economics/Entrepreneurship badge. They will each need to be a "founder" of a business (solo, partnership, etc) and have a booth.

The excellence committee is taking a bit longer to get going this session in completing audits and holding each other accountable but had a meeting this week to set the framework.
Here are some questions to ask around excellence and the committee: 
  • What makes excellent work? 
  • How do you approve someone's work? 
  • What is an audit? 
  • Who did you audit this week? (If they didn't complete an audit, ask what they will do next week to make sure they follow up with this.)
  • What did you notice about the person's work that was excellent? 
  • What did you notice that could have been improved?
  • Or ask the previous two questions about their own work.

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