Year 1 Session 6 (4/25/21)

Hello Aim Families!

This last week was a blur of activity. Each learner is settling into the rhythm of a new session and finding their groove. Core Skills has been fairly quiet with plenty of focused work and most reaching Soaring for their Freedom Level.

PE this session is focused on team building and a variety of outdoor activities, like jump rope and frisbee. We introduced Chinese Jump Rope this last week.

The most exciting part of the day still seems to be Quest Time. The Economics Quest and the way to earn the badge are different from any other we've done this year.   The way to earn the Economics Badge is by ending the session with a specific amount in  Long Term Savings (varied based on level).  25% of the money put into savings must come from their in-studio business or mini-economy investments.
Eagles can earn money from 4 different ways:  Job (salary), in-studio business, completing Quest activities & challenges, and investments (not introduced yet).

We've already seen many lessons learned.  One partnership realized that due to their high costs, they did not make as much money in profit as they thought. (Yes, there's a difference between profits and sales!)

Many applied for jobs in the studio - everything from payroll clerk to committee positions. Some jobs were heavily applied for and some remained unfilled until the end of the week. One Eagle then realized all the possible money to be earned and applied for all remaining positions on Friday.  

Three different in-studio businesses were started: face painting, cat toys and a karate performance. And many Eagles were still uncertain as to what business they wanted to try.  Some Eagles discussed whether to partner with someone. Others had to face decisions about how and when to hire someone.  
When everyone wanted to jump in on a business that seemed profitable, one Eagle held ground and kept the business within the established partnership.

We are seeking to simulate almost all parts of an actual economy. At the end of the week, "rent and utilities" came due.  One of the Eagles had not earned enough money and another had spent all of theirs.  When their rent came due, they couldn't pay it.  Which, in our Quest, triggers a "Natural Disaster" for their entire House-State.  This was a tense moment for all. And many realized they don't want to hit that trigger.

Learning gained through experience and reflection is more easily transferred to other areas of life and lasts longer than anything learned by rote. This economics quest is looking to be one that has many such opportunities for learning.

Looking forward to more within this mini economy of Session 6!

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