Year 1 Session 5 (4/2/21)

Hello Aim Families!

I am excited to be the one personally writing our round up today. I have usually let Daniel and Serena take the lead on these--both of whom have done an excellent job! But I wanted to write it myself today.

What a journey it has been so far this year! Building a masterpiece, becoming master chess players and master chefs, designing some epic games and exploring the ocean. It is hard to put into words how much growth I have seen in your kids this year. The model is working. Your kids are becoming more independent problem solvers, more creative thinkers, more kind-hearted friends, more accountable learners, and more compassionate leaders. My heart is full as I think about the times we have shared together so far this year.

Today we shared a special moment as a studio. After some very valuable reflections on what the students learned from the exhibition yesterday, and from this session in general (which as a side note- I would encourage you all to ask to see your children's reflections paper they worked on today as some of them didn't finish and we encouraged them to share their reflections with you) I made the announcement that we will be having three new students join us after spring break for Session 6. All of the other new families that have recently been admitted to Aim have been okay with waiting until the next school year--but this family couldn't wait :)

The immediate reaction from the studio was great excitement! The eagles have gotten to know the new students from the few times they have visited our campus over the past few months, and the eagles were thrilled with the prospect of new friends. But a quiet settled over the studio as they realized that it meant that our community was growing and things were going to be different. No longer would it be just the twelve of us ever again. I think this drove home the significance of the journey they have each been on this year. 

You'll forgive a personal note here--but it reminded me of a memory I have of when Erica and I lived in Florida. We were pushing Ethan in a swing in the backyard the day before Layna was  born. We couldn't wait to meet our daughter! But we also knew that it would never be just the three of us again. I felt very similar feelings today. I am so excited to see Aim grow! And the new students joining next session (and those joining us next year) are absolutely incredible. But I knew things were going to change as well, and it won't ever be our small little group in the basement anymore. 

I must admit I got a little emotional as I spoke to your kids this morning. I am really going to miss the intimate moments we've been able to share as such a small founding class of heroes! Guiding your kids this year has been one of the highest honors of my life. They really are going to change the world. And I can't tell you how much it has meant to me to be a part of their journey this year. 

I also suspect few of you may realize how much it means to me that each of you were willing to take a leap of faith this year and launch our school! I know the amount of trust it takes to leave your child with a new teacher or a new guide or a new school. That is not an easy thing to do. Yet, each of you did! And for that I will always be grateful. 

As we look to the next phase of our journey, I am very very excited. There are still so many families who are desperately looking for a school like ours. I literally speak with one or two of them every week. So I am thrilled for our school to be the answer to what they are looking for!

But I will remember for the rest of my life these few special months we've had together. With only ten kids. A few supplies. In a perfect little basement. With a lot of questions. A lot of growth. And perhaps most of all--a lot of courage. 

The best is yet to come :)

Lance Stewart

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