Year 1 Session 5 (3/8/21)

Hello Aim Academy Families  -

A full two weeks into Session 5 and a new rhythm is settling in with the areas and houses.

All of the Eagles have jumped back into gymnastics with enthusiasm, showing additional progress already.  Please note:  Wednesdays will be our PE day for all of session 5 going forward.

Again this week, many eagles reaped the reward of diligent work with a Free Choice Friday.  There were a few Eagles who did not make it to their Free Choice Friday activities and felt the consequence of not choosing diligence in their Core Skills work during the week. Learning diligence and time management skills can be a messy process. We will see how that will affect their choices in the coming week. 

During Quest, students learned about Coral Reefs - what organisms live there, the symbiosis within the environment and the concerns surrounding our reefs. They also designed and began building team models of a coral reef.

Looking forward to another great week.

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