Year 1 Session 5 (3/26/21)

Hello Aim Academy Families -

The Food Web "stomach" dissections were an exciting beginning of the week in the Marine Science Quest. If you didn't hear about this already, we encourage you to ask about it. (See photos in the Bloomz post.)

The next days in Quest were all about preparing for the Marine Science Exhibition and finishing up any challenges that are needed to earn a Dolphin or Shark badge. 

NOTE:  Marine Science Exhibition will be Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 2-3pm

In P.E. there has been a lot of improvement in ability and flexibility in gymnastics. We've also seen a lot of team support here - encouraging each other and cheering them on.

Several Eagles have buckled down in Core Skills to finish out the badge requirements this session.  We've also seen a lot of Eagles holding each other accountable when they are distracting others or not being focused on their work. Eagle bucks were asked for several times. Seeing them step up without prompting is exactly what we are looking for in a learner-driven community.

The Excellence Committee is honing in on their standards of what is acceptable and what is not. They are working through how to hold audits and what to do if work doesn't meet the standards. A couple Eagles mentioned that they don't feel like the committee is there yet, but is working on it.  

As a parent (and teacher) and now as a guide, sometimes I haven't asked the best questions.  "How was your day?" Usually elicits the response: "good".
In my own quest for a better end of day question, I've tested several.   Within the model of Aim Academy, here are some you can try for yourself: 
  1. What was a challenge you faced today? How did you handle it?
  2. Tell me about a time you acted like a Hero today.
  3. Tell me about a time you did NOT act like a Hero today.
  4. What were you awesome at today? What was a 'win' for you today?
  5. What would you like to do better tomorrow?

Our weekly question this week was:  What happens when you are curious?

When Eagles are curious and have perseverance when faced with challenges, they become learners (and not just students).

Thank you for all you do to support learning at home.  We truly could NOT achieve success in a learner-driven model without such wonderful parents as part of the team!

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