Year 1 Session 5 (3/19/21)

Hello Aim Academy Families

What a week!  It started with Ms. Serena being out for a couple of days and Ms. Stacey stepping in.  I hear that the studio was humming nicely with Eagles engaged and working. Evidence that children are capable of knowing what to do, how to do it and are self-motivated to learn. A learner-driven model at its best.

Wednesday saw some experimenting with building a Leprechaun trap in the yard. Although they did not catch one, they were left some trinkets and a note.

Thursday was our field trip to the Aquarium.  After having learned about various animal species, coral reefs and information about the ocean, Eagles were excited to see it in person.  We saw fish and otters native to Utah, then traveled through South America, Antarctica, Asia, the Deep Sea and the Open Ocean.
Eagles also gathered ideas for their displays for their upcoming Exhibition.
(Check out the photos in Bloomz.)

Friday, Eagles enjoyed the Free Choice Friday reward of wearing PJ's to school and watching more of The Blue Planet. By the end of the work time, all Eagles had made it to Soaring for the week. This was a first for this session.  Way to go Eagles!!

Several Eagles have earned badges this session and definitely soaked in the accomplishment.  It should be a full badge ceremony at the next exhibition.

Looking forward to seeing how they finish this session strong over the next two weeks.

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