Year 1 Session 5 (3/12/21)

 Hello Aim Academy Families -

Our Jacques Cousteau Marine Science Quest was off to another good beginning of the week with the Exploration of a Fish. If you didn't catch the pictures on Bloomz, please check them out.  All about learning what makes a fish a fish. They later explored what it might be like to see (or rather to not see) in the deepest parts of the ocean.

The library has been an area of some uncertainty this week as Eagles are finding what it means to have a quiet space in the studio. They also each reflected on whether they were willing to step up and hold another Eagle accountable when there was not excellence in the standards set. 

As leaders, it can be a challenge to call someone forward and to lead out when others aren't. The experience of doing this at a young age when the stakes are lower is of inestimable value.

The studio has seen courageous steps from many Eagles. Everything from holding someone accountable, acknowledging when they were in the wrong, stepping into a leadership role, and determination to do something challenging.

Several Eagles are diligently making their way towards earning a Core Skills badge this session.  There is always increased motivation as they see themselves closing in on a goal.

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