Year 1 Session 2 (10/16/20)

Hello Aim Academy Families,

Happy Session 2! We hope everyone had a rejuvenating Fall Break, but the Eagles sure seemed glad to be back. 

The studio started Monday off with saying goodbye and deconstructing the Masterpiece. The Sorting Hat then sorted the Eagles into their new Houses. The Eagles were challenged to think of their new House names, mascots, banners and House Heroes over the course of the week. It should be noted that previous House Heroes may not run in consecutive Sessions. 

They also voted on new Dispute Committee members as well as a new Timekeeper. Congratulations to Neva, Logan and Luke— the new Disputes Committee! They have conducted several Disputes Committee meetings already. Luke will also serve as the studio’s new Timekeeper.

Monday also saw the launch of the Chess Quest. The first Quest challenge was a Scavenger Hunt. The Eagles paired off with their new Running Partners and completed this challenge with excitement!

Chess, Chess, Chess! The Studio has Chess fever. Over the course of the week, the Eagles completed several chess challenges that familiarized them with each piece. The Pawn Game and Queen vs. Pawns were both Studio favorites! They have also dived into to complete Chess lessons, puzzles and games. 

Tuesday saw the launch of Civilizations as the studio began reading about and discussing the Early Nomadic and Ancient Egyptian cultures. 

Heidi Mark came in Wednesday to share her passion for poetry and launch us into our first Writer’s Workshop! She shared several different types of poetry and the Eagles absolutely loved it. Thank you Heidi! Over the next several weeks, the Eagles will go through the Writer’s Workshop process— prewriting, drafting, peer review, revision and publishing. Ode, freewriting and Haiku will be a few of the types of Poetry we focus on. 

Rachel Okura came in Thursday to share her passion for soccer and launch us into P.E. for Session 2. The Eagles learned the rules and began practicing the fundamentals. They ended with a high energy 5 v. 5 game!  Thank you Rachel!

Friday came and went extremely fast! The day started with a jam packed town hall.  Perhaps the most important development from the town hall this week was their decision to limit the number of Eagle Bucks anyone can ask for to one per week. This was their solution  to the problem of some students asking for too many, or asking for very small infractions, or asking out of retaliation. Two new House Hero's were voted in for Session 2 (Abi and Ethan!), House banners were worked on and the Eagle Buck store was open for business.

We look forward to another Session filled with growth, Socratic Discussion and student driven learning!

Kind regards,
Mr. Daniel and Mr. Lance

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I'm the founder and Head of School at Aim Academy.

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