Two roads diverged in a wood...

Hi everyone,

What an end to a session! This has been a pretty incredible sprint to the finish line of the school year. It was amazing seeing everyone's speeches yesterday. You know as well as I do, there was an enormous amount of work that went into those. The stakes were high, the pressure was palpable, and the eagles prevailed :)

Today brought a new energy to the studio, a few big changes, and a few tears.

The new energy came as we finished our chapter on Politics and opened the first page of our next Quest for DS/LP, and Adventure for Sparks/ES--Music and Songwriting! Many of the eagles already have some lyrics going and a few favorite tunes were blasted in the Lab as the day winded down. 

As for the big changes...first off, we welcome one of our own, Misty Muhlestein as the newest Guide of Aim Academy! She is exactly what the ES needs and I couldn't be happier she was willing to come onboard. She brings pages of incredible experiences from all across the education spectrum and is going to be an invaluable asset. Ms. Misty walked over the ceremonial bridge that some of your eagles have walked across when they leveled up into the ES. She was met by the Gatekeeper and asked a series of questions before she was admitted into the tribe with hugs all around. The ES then dove right into some tribe building with their new guide. They are full of excitement for the next adventure. Though their excitement was coupled with some tears as they said goodbye to Ms. Serena as their guide and sent her on her way down the path.

Ms. Serena was similarly asked a few questions by the DS/LP. "Will you put your whole heart into guiding this tribe?" "Will you love the tribe with your whole heart?" She then stepped up onto the stage and was welcomed with open arms as the new DS/LP Guide. She likewise is exactly what those two studios need right now and I couldn't be happier she is always willing for another adventure.

Where does that leave me? Well...let me squash any of the absurd explanations I know some of you have already undoubtedly heard. No, I am not dying. No, I am not leaving Aim or moving out of state. And for heaven's sake, I am never selling Aim!!!! 

But, it is true that next session will be my last session as a guide at Aim Academy. I feel a little ridiculous explaining a decision that I don't imagine any of you care about half as much as I do, but stepping out of guide mode and putting both feet into the Head of School role is going to be a major positive for our community. I think I have largely traded being a very subpar Head of School over the past few three years in exchange for being a decent guide. But Aim is going to need a decent Head of School over the next few years as each studio grows, as we design/permit/build our new campus, etc. I know this is the best move for the school AND for the eagles. 

I have loved my time guiding your young heroes these past three years more than I can express. They have changed who I am. I am so looking forward to writing the amazing last chapter of our story together next session before we close the book on Year 3 of Aim. From there, I am looking forward to helping the tribe as much as ever before (just from a different angle) and watching your children soar to new heights.

Hi, I'm Lance Stewart.

I'm the founder and Head of School at Aim Academy.

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