Spark Studio Session 6 Update! (5/23/22)

Hello Spark Parents!

I will never do these updates the justice that Lance does, but know that the Spark studio has made such impressive strides these last few sessions! One of the biggest joys has been watching the older Eagles read with the Sparks. They are just as excited as the Sparks when they pass off milestones on their badges! We have one fine little community at Aim, and they are making lifelong friendships.

Session 6 is rapidly coming to an end, and we can't believe how quickly the school year is coming to a close. Just when you think things would be winding down, the Sparks are kicking it up a notch! Core Skills is like an active beehive in the morning. It is not rare to have a waiting list of two or three that want lessons on new works. They have earned thirteen badges this session, and I have no doubt there could be a few more earned this next week! 

We have been studying the weather and South America this session. Our favorite activity has been learning about some of the most extreme weather there is. We've also loved learning about clouds, predicting the weather, making our own tornado jars, and becoming the water cycle. For South America we've studied the Amazon rainforest, learned to Samba, read about the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay (that's one you will want to look up!), and made maracas and rainsticks. 

The Sparks were introduced to the Nudel Kart for Quest this session. The Nudel Kart resources are deconstructable, mobile play carts that can be reconfigured in endless ways to encourage self-directed learning. It has been exhilarating to watch their imaginations grow as they have combined the Nudel Kart with our Imagination Playground blocks. 

While they have been taking many steps forward, there are times when the studio takes a few steps back. That usually provides us guides with a fantastic opportunity to sit down and take some time to reflect with the Eagles, and even get a little creative ourselves. The Sparks may have mentioned that we tried what they thought was a hilarious experiment this week. I became a Spark for the day! Let me tell you, being a Spark is the best! I did the Montessori works right alongside them, and they had a good giggle when I pulled out the 9's chain and started skip counting. They helped me learn to hold the line, and hopefully I gave them a world class example of holding your fellow travelers accountable. I asked them if it was easier to let an adult hold the line, or is it easier when they hold the line? Most replied that it was easier to let an adult do it. After listening to all the responses, one thoughtful Spark chimed in and said that they should be the ones to hold the line because it's their studio and their contract! The group agreed that they had made the contract, and so they needed to uphold it!  As this week went on, and they were holding the line, our disputes committee list kept getting longer and longer. It got so long, that the committee was incredibly overwhelmed and wanted to resign. After a well guided discussion with Mr. Lance, the Sparks determined that too many of their fellow travelers were saying committee when they should be giving up an eagle buck for breaking a contract promise. It was decided that if you go to committee, and they determine you should give up an eagle buck, that you lose two for wasting the committee's time. Their hope is that more will realize when they are breaking a promise and just need to give up the Eagle Buck. They recognized that being on the disputes committee is a sacred job, so if they are regularly upholding their responsibilities, they will get paid 4 Eagle Bucks a week. They conquered yet another challenge on their Hero's Journey, and are constantly striving to make the Spark studio even better! 

I am so incredibly humbled by and proud of these little geniuses! They have fully embraced their Hero's Journey, and I can't wait to see where their paths will take them! 

Yours truly,
Miss Britney

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