My biggest takeaway from this morning?

We are on to something BIG. Did the rest of you feel that too? This movement of ours goes beyond schooling. We aren't just giving lip service to "Find a Calling; Change the World". This is life-changing stuff. Messy and painful and at times excruciatingly slow...but these eagles are marching steadily on towards becoming the heroes of their own lives, and in the lives of others--what I suppose one might call heroic fulfillment. 

As evidence of this, look no further than the LP discussion that took place this afternoon (and several examples could be given from each of the other studios too). Without an ounce of ill-willed judgment, they shredded many of the comments we all made this morning in the Parent Meeting. They pointed out inconsistencies, logical fallacies, victim mindsets, arguments that needed to be organized better, times they felt some of us needed to take stronger stands...the list went on. And don't worry, I received plenty of tough-minded feedback from them on things I could do better next time as well (which I will take to heart and apply in our next Parent Meeting). The level at which they are learning how to think, and analyze and communicate is literally on par with any professional community I've been a part of--I'm not exaggerating

So thanks for being as brave as you are. It is not easy to be early adopters of something so innovative when the stakes are so high. Yet, you are doing it. Despite your challenges and fears. When many other would-be Aim families turn back. So this character call-out is for you all. I call that courage. This afternoon we had the first school-wide landing we've had in a long time. My question: with all of the uncertainty, confusion, terror, violence, ambiguity, pressure, stress, high stakes, and pain in the future--what is one thing you are hopeful for? Answers varied...from one eagle who is hopeful for "the next life-changing quest", another has hope because he "knows how to put his whole heart into something". 

There are so many people out there who need a hero in their life, and I am hopeful because they will find it in your children. 

For those of you who couldn't make it, I am posting a brief summary below.


Which attribute of parents do you think would be the best predictor of success of a new eagle at Aim?

Round 1: 
  • WIllingness to let your child fail
  • Willingness to help them with their problems
  • Being comfortable with ambiguity
After great debate, the winner? 

Being comfortable with ambiguity

Round 2
  • Trust in the model 
  • Trust in the guides
  • Trust in the eagles
After great debate, the winner? 

Trust in the model

Round 3
  • Humility
  • Patience
  • Gratitude
  • Commitment
After great debate, the winner? 


Final Showdown (winner from each round)

  • Being comfortable with ambiguity
  • Trust in the model
  • Commitment
Winner? Commitment 

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