Exhibition Pep Talk

Hi Aim families,

We are excited to host everyone for Session 2's Exhibitions tomorrow. 

I wanted to highlight an important note regarding a few aspects of our learning model that the final week of a session often shines a spotlight on. Another Acton owner recently discussed some of these same thoughts with his school and some of his thoughts are mingled with mine in the following. Does the following scenario hit close to home?

Your Eagle comes home stressed about a final challenge or project. You try to get information about it from them to help but they are struggling to communicate the details to you. The closer the Exhibition gets, the more your eagle struggles to avoid a victim mindset. "I'm never going to get my badge!" they cry out in despair. You look in Journey Tracker. What your Eagle is saying is still confusing. Something isn't adding up and you become frustrated. If only you had more information you could help them!

What are you missing???.... I say this with love: I think you might be missing the whole point.

It's not your challenge, your project, or your badge. This is their hero's journey.

During the Revolutionary War, teenagers in America captained ships. Most started real world apprenticeships at age 13.

Our children will find a way to earn that badge. Yes, even if the requirements or instructions aren't perfectly clear.

"But Lance...that's easy for you to say...you can just put your guide hat on!"

Right...which means I get to second guess every challenge, badge requirement, launch, and question I asked all session long-- wondering if someone isn't earning their badge because of my shortcomings as a guide. At least with my dad hat on I can just blame the guides and fall into the sweet comfort of victimhood... ah....there it is... just like sliding into my favorite recliner...much better

Letting your child fail, miss a deadline, suffer the consequences of misunderstanding or not reading/following/listening to directions, can be incredibly hard to do. Believe me I know. If you don't believe me, it might be worth revisiting this old blog post.

But I actually think it is during these formative times when we must be more vigilant than ever to resist the urge to step in and solve challenges for them or shield them from the consequences in order for this learning model to work. They will eventually use the tools that are available to them (their brains, google/books, reaching out to peers, and finally reaching out to a guide for Socratic help if they have tried everything else). 

So...whether the tears that come tomorrow are caused by joy or pain, delight or regret,  please encourage them and cheer them on! And then step back and let them struggle. You will slowly but surely see the magic happen.

It may take time.

It may take receiving strikes.

It may take watching a beloved fellow traveler level up to the next studio without them.

Whatever it takes them, we will encourage and support you on that journey as a parent--but we will always insist that you hold your promises in the parent contract to never interfere or attempt to solve a problem for your child.

It is the very foundation of our learning model. 

Hi, I'm Lance Stewart.

I'm the founder and Head of School at Aim Academy.

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