A word of gratitude (4/23/22)

Hi MS/LP parents :)

I just wanted to share a quick note today about the experience of watching 1917 with your learners yesterday. 

I am actually going to send them an email shortly and bcc all of you on it, challenging them to write down and share some of the experience with you all--just so you are all aware in case you want to subtly prompt them if such a situation arises ;)

Secondly, I just wanted to thank you all for raising incredible kids. I have seen 1917 once already, but the experience of watching it with your kids, and feeling the tension, pain, heartbreak, love and heroism of the soldiers in WWI, after all we have been through together in the studio this quest, is actually hard to describe. I'm sure I was misty eyed even the first time I watched the movie a year or two ago, but yesterday it was as if we were all living in the actual moments of the war. 

I realized yesterday how very lucky I am. I know the world shouldn't be this way, but sometimes it seems that people bring their best selves to places other than home--work, school, ect. I know from being a dad at the dinner table and hearing Ethan or Layna describe some extended incredible personal journey they've been on at Aim in fewer words than I can count on one hand that parents often do not get the full emotional reward or satisfaction of the growth that is occuring at the school. And you guys are the ones who deserve those payouts more than anyone! So I know it's not fair that I get to share so many of those moments with your kids. It is 100% unjust on so many levels. And I am fully aware of that. Even in the moments. Which is why I put so much effort into writing and trying to capture the most special moments in the emails I send out. They honestly come up far short of the real thing, but my hope is that they at least give you a glimpse into how special the Hero's Journey is for them at Aim. 

And beyond that, I simply want you at least to know how much I cherish the moments I get with each of your kids. I couldn't wish for a better group to found Aim Academy. I don't think any of you know this, but when I started Aim Academy, I was actually not planning on being a guide. In fact, I was firmly convinced that I wouldn't. Even if I had wanted to, I didn't think there was any way that I could take that much time away from my other businesses. It had been a long time since I was a teacher in the classroom, and I thought that phase of my life was gone. But through a series of events and little miracles, that perhaps I will share at another time, I took a step of faith and after that I feel like God opened up the way for me to be a guide at the school in addition to its founder. Wow, it is hard to think about all I would have missed out on! So please just know of my gratitude for each of you, and for each of your kids. I know this is far down the road for most of them, but man I am going to miss them when they move on!

But until then, I am going to keep having the time of life guiding them at the school :) So thank you for being a part of it. 

Lance Stewart

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